Installation of New Roofs

At Alkon Roofing we understand that your house is your biggest and most important investment, because it is directly involved in protecting your family. That is why we make sure to install durable, high-quality and trustworthy roofs for everyone to enjoy.

Leave it all in the hands of your trusted roofing experts. 

Why Install Your Roof With Alkon Roofing? 

We vouch for excellence:

  • Only High Quality Materials

30-40 year warranty in optimal conditions.

  • Specialized Equipment

Efficient and clean installation.

  • Guaranteed Durability

We potentiate the useful life of your home’s roof.

  • Guaranteed Protection 

Resistance to intense weather conditions.

  • Roof Efficiency 

Reduced energy costs and air conditioning repairs, greater internal climate control.

  • Added Value 

Increase the aesthetic and monetary value of the property.